Dawn of the Human Spirit

Dawn of the Human Spirit Copenhagen
Dawn of the Human Spirit Copenhagen

Exhibit Overview

Dawn of the Human Spirit brought seven of the world’s most significant and visually breath-taking prehistoric rock art sites together into a museum setting using state-of-the-art media technology (Chauvet & Lascaux, France; Alta, Norway; Huashan, China; Kakadu, Australia; Great Gallery, USA; and Game Pass, South Africa).  It presented the latest scientific interpretation and artistic understanding to these pictures emphasizing the relationship of the pictures to technology and the natural environment through the expertise of an international panel of leading specialists in rock art, zoology, and psychology.

The underlying message of the exhibition was that the Dawn of the Human Spirit was a kind of ‘mental awakening’ seen in the making of Rock Art – it was a cognitive leap that set prehistoric cultures fully on par with our own. 

The exhibition aimed for visitors to leave understanding more about their own humanness and their place in the modern world through finding common ground with our most ancient human ancestors.  The exhibition was sponsored by UNESCO.