Blasts from
the Past

Exhibitions from the early days of the company.

Wonderful Future Copenhagen

Over the past 35 years, UEG has been creating and presenting a wide range of exciting exhibitions.  The early days featured exhibitions presented at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen featuring Holography.  UEG was the first to organise a touring exhibition of animatronic dinosaurs in Europe, which premiered at Tivoli Gardens and then went on in several versions, to tour widely in Europe and Asia. 

During this period, besides Dinosaurs, UEG presented throughout Europe record setting, educational, and entertaining exhibitions including science exhibitions such as ‘Wonderful Future’ that explored NASA space travel and featured the largest rock recovered by NASA from the moon, exhibitions about favourite TV programmes such as Star Trek and Jim Henson’s Muppets, and nature exhibitions such as Backyard Monsters, World of Whales, and Bats: Masters of the Night.

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