Holography: Ultimate 3D

Ultimate 3D: The Wonder of Holography relates back to the early work of United Exhibits group where it arranged some of the first significant exhibitions of holographic images.  This most recent exhibition assembles the largest collection of holographic images ever to tour into an extraordinary exhibition from, among others, countries like the USA, UK, France, […]

Dawn of the Human Spirit

Dawn of the Human Spirit brought seven of the world’s most significant and visually breath-taking prehistoric rock art sites together into a museum setting using state-of-the-art media technology (Chauvet & Lascaux, France; Alta, Norway; Huashan, China; Kakadu, Australia; Great Gallery, USA; and Game Pass, South Africa).  It presented the latest scientific interpretation and artistic understanding […]

Missing Links Alive

Missing Links – Alive! transported visitors into an atmosphere of going on a field expedition to discover the remains of our earliest human ancestors and then brought those ancestors to life before their eyes.  The exhibition featured the latest advances in animatronics, multi-media application and active participation along with the highest level of scientific experience […]