Quest for Treasures: Searching for Lost Empires

The Quest for Treasures Exhibition brought together for the first time outstanding treasures collected by European explorers who went to dangerous and little known lands in Africa, South America, and the Middle East during the colonial period.  Visitors to the exhibition encountered not only these rare cultural artefacts, but also discovered what it was like […]

The Greatest Fairy Tale: Hans Christian Andersen

The Greatest Fairy Tale: The Amazing Life and Story of Hans Christian Andersen transported visitors into a fairy tale world to experience the work, life, and times of one of the greatest story tellers the world has known.  The exhibition blended highly interactive and audio-visual exhibits with original objects to reveal how the true events […]

Holography: Ultimate 3D

Ultimate 3D: The Wonder of Holography relates back to the early work of United Exhibits group where it arranged some of the first significant exhibitions of holographic images.  This most recent exhibition assembles the largest collection of holographic images ever to tour into an extraordinary exhibition from, among others, countries like the USA, UK, France, […]

Dali Mind of a Genius

The Dali Exhibitions provided audiences with the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of surrealism through its greatest and most notorious practitioner, Salvador Dali.  The exhibition presented a fantastic and unrivalled range of Dali’s imaginative and flamboyant works including illustrations, large and small scale sculpture, jewellery, and furniture.  Highlights included a reconstruction of the […]

Klimt in Korea

The exhibition, Klimt in Korea, which was organised by UEG’s art wing – ARTEG – in partnership with the Belvedere Museum, was a ground-breaking exhibition being the first large-scale exhibition of Klimt works in Asia which set records for an art exhibition in the country.  There has not been an equivalent exhibition of genuine Klimt […]

Pierre Auguste Renoir: A Life for Painting

This first Retrospective Renoir exhibition to be shown in China featured artworks from 14 lenders in Europe and North America.  The exhibition also displayed in conjunction artistic photographic works on the theme of olive trees related to the paintings of Pierre Auguste Renoir by Jacques Renoir, the great grandson of the artist. Highlights of the […]

Degas and the Dancers: Bodies in Motion

At the core of the Degas and the Dancers: Bodies in Motion Exhibition, is the outstanding collection of works by Edgar Degas in the collection of the National Museum in Belgrade.  The Exhibition marked the first time the works were exhibited together as a collection and previously individually many had rarely been seen outside of […]

Missing Links Alive

Missing Links – Alive! transported visitors into an atmosphere of going on a field expedition to discover the remains of our earliest human ancestors and then brought those ancestors to life before their eyes.  The exhibition featured the latest advances in animatronics, multi-media application and active participation along with the highest level of scientific experience […]

Loving Vincent

The Loving Vincent Exhibition tells the remarkable story of the production of the world’s first full length fully painted animated film – the Academy Award nominated and critically acclaimed, Loving Vincent. Created with the expertise of the team at BreakThru Productions, who made the film, the Loving Vincent Exhibition allows visitors the unique opportunity to […]

Quest for Immortality: Treasures of Ancient Egypt

UEG created this block-buster exhibition about ancient Egypt with the inspiration of world-renowned Egyptologist, Erik Hornung and a panel of international Egyptological experts.  In the United States, the exhibition was co-ordinated with the National Gallery of Art, Washington and the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Cairo.  The exhibition also featured an exact facsimile of the tomb […]